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Electric Vs Gas Tankless Water Heater

tank vs tankless water heaters

In the past, buying a water heater was based on the size that your home would need. They were bulky things that would take up a portion of your closet, pantry, or cabinet space. Now, we have the tankless water heater and many people love the space that they are able to gain with it, […]

Best Drains For Your Walk-in Shower

ebbe square shower drain gate

Not everyone thinks about the shower drains in their home, but if you are remodeling or upgrading your bathroom, it may be time to do so. Two Types of Shower Drains: Linear Vs Center Point There are two basic types of drains, the center point drain and the linear drains. Both serve the same purpose, […]

Best Small Dehumidifier For Your Bathroom

best small dehumidifier

Some areas of your home may seem to be moisture magnets. In these areas, you may have foul odors and even mold or mildew growing, especially in those small areas like a bathroom or a closet. You can lessen the odor and moisture content by using a dehumidifier, but no one really wants to spend a small […]

Best Shower Benches and Chairs

teak shower bench with shelf

If you know someone who has been in a hospital, you have probably seen a shower bench. They are very popular in hospitals because they can prevent a patient from falling. What you may not realize is that you could also use one in your home. They are affordable and take safety to a new […]

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Reviews

best bathroom exhaust fans

When it comes to bathrooms, most of them are the same. They are typically not considered a glamorous area of the home. However, every bathroom in the world has one common problem. They all seem to have an odor that is not good at random times and in some cases, the odor may not go […]

Best Way to Clean a Shower Head

No matter what type of water pressure your home has, you may still have to deal with a shower that produces very little. Most often, this is not an issue with the pipes, even though you may think so. The truth is, most of the time it is simply that the shower head needs to […]

Guide to the Best Walk-in Tubs and Prices

best walk in tub reviews

Walk-in tubs and shower combos are a must for the elderly or anyone suffering from some type of mobility disability that will not allow them to bathe easily or to just simply ease the mind of loved ones. With a walk in tub, you will no longer have to worry about the elderly slipping and […]

Best Medicine Cabinets For Your Bathroom

best medicine cabinet

Have you ever thought about why a medicine cabinet is needed? Could you imagine what your bathroom would look like without one? It would be chaos, that is for sure. Everyone would see all of your personal products (medicine, perfumes, deodorants, nail polishes, etc.) out in the open. Plus, if you have cats, they would […]

Best Bathroom Vanities on a Budget

abbey bathroom vanity

Bathroom vanities are oftentimes considered as an important accessory that can be used in designing your bathroom in a very attractive way. These days, working towards improving your bedroom and living room is not enough to add utmost value to your house. In order to achieve a high-end, elegant style to your bathroom, it also […]

Best Steam Shower Reviews and Deals

ariel steam shower reviews

Steam showers are becoming increasingly popular in the home. They provide a sense of luxury and ultimate relaxation, letting you unwind after a long day’s work. Gone are the days of having to visit a spa for this kind of treatment. They are now available and even affordable to have all for yourself. Steam showers […]