Best Steam Shower Reviews and Deals

Steam showers are becoming increasingly popular in the home. They provide a sense of luxury and ultimate relaxation, letting you unwind after a long day’s work. Gone are the days of having to visit a spa for this kind of treatment. They are now available and even affordable to have all for yourself. Steam showers refer to small enclosures with which steam is produced at a particular temperature around 45 degrees Celsius. It is more relaxing compared to an ordinary shower. You can expect a more enjoyable showering experience. In order to make a well-informed decision, refer to the following reviews to find out more about the many features and benefits they provide.

Best Steam Showers Comparison Guide

ariel steam shower reviewAriel Platinum Pivot Door4.8$$$$
amerec steam generatorAmerac Steam Generator5.0$$$
best steam shower reviewsConstar Steam Shower Room w/Whirlpool Tub5.0$$$$
eagle bath sliding door steam shower reviewEagle Bath Sliding Door Steam Enclosuren/a$$$$
ariel steam shower reviewsAriel Steam w/Whirlpool Bathtub4.5$$$$
steamist steam generatorSteamist Steam Generator4.0$$$

Reviews of the Top Rated Steam Showers

1. Ariel Platinum Pivot Door

ariel steam shower review

This model is typically considered as more expensive compared to other units, however, it is complete with an elegant finish and more features. It is a steam sauna that comes with 6 body massage jets, cleaning function, chromatherapy lighting, aromatherapy system, computer control panel, and a timer. It also has a shower tray that is drainable. Other additional features include an overheat protection functionality with a shower that offers a ceiling rainfall feature. There are many benefits to be had from a steam shower like this. Note that this is a left side configuration.


2. Eagle Bath Sliding Door Enclosure Unit

eagle bath sliding door steam shower review

This complete steam shower kit is a mid-priced enclosure that has been designed to perfection, rightly fitted with amazing features. It is also ETL approved, which means that there is no need to worry about dangers regarding electric safety. It uses tampered glass in the entire unit construction. The doors also slide, which saves space, giving it an elegant look. If you are searching for an elegant enclosure which is packed with great features, this unit from Eagle bath is an amazing option.


3. Steam Shower Room with Whirlpool Tub

steam shower with whirlpoolbest steam shower reviews

This model comes with a whirlpool bathtub, and is available with a high-priced high quality steam system, together with an impressive construction and other amazing features. It is primarily constructed with the use of clear glass, together with white parts and a silver finish. It also comes with a curved shape, fitting right well in the room corner. Since the unit is also listed by ETL, there is no need to worry about electrical safety.


4. Ariel Steam Shower with Whirlpool Bathtubariel steam shower review

ariel steam shower reviews

Reading these Ariel reviews would certainly allow you to make a good decision in choosing a good Ariel steam shower. It is a great combination of steam system, along with a Whirlpool bathtub. It comes with storage shelves, as well as a decorative light that surrounds the shower head. Aside from its chromatherapy light capability, it also has a foot massager. Other features that you will certainly love include ceiling light, ventilation fan, a computer control panel, and a timer. It is also eco-friendly, using clear glass material which makes the unit both elegant and attractive.


5. Steamist Steam Generator

steamist steam generator reviewssteamist steam generator reviewssteamist steam generator reviews

These steam generators may be used together with an optional auto drain in order to improve its performance. All units under Steamiest use stainless steel construction, as well as solid state circuitry, which are also designed to last for several years without too much maintenance. What some steam generator reviews commonly agree about this unit is the fact that it is conservative on both electricity and water. It uses a telephone type connector that makes it easier to install, with plumbing hookup, as well as electrical lines that are similar to the currently existing hot water heater.


6. Amerec Steam Generator

amerec steam generator

Amerec steam shower generators have been designed with reliability and performance in mind. It comes equipped with an innovative, soft steam feature that offers a great steam bathing comfort. It also provides minimal temperature variations, alongside an even steam flow, making the entire steam bathing experience a great one. The unit also uses an AK/3K users full power in order to heat up quickly the steam room to the preset temperature, cutting the power to half the elements, thus resulting to a better, and more consistent soft billowing steam flow, as well as a more stable temperature. According to comparative testing, this unit presents a superior performance with its soft steam element switching – a feature that is exclusive for generators under the Amerec brand.